About Us

Founded in 2010 by Ian Burgess and Alfredo Mattera, Warwick is a global special situations investment firm that brings creative solutions to complex opportunities. Today, the firm manages approximately $2.5 billion on behalf of global investors. Warwick’s Funds seek outsized risk adjusted returns by providing equity and debt capital to catalyse positive change and build long-lasting businesses.

Overall, Warwick’s senior team have an average of 24 years of industry experience and have worked together for 12 years on average. The partners’ long standing professional relationship sets Warwick’s culture of pursuing innovative excellence through open dialogue and collaboration.




European Flagship Funds: Warwick’s core flagship strategy focuses on proactively sourcing or creating investments predominantly in the European mid-market through its extensive network and experience across public and private markets. Industry and capital structure agnostic, Warwick’s approach and investment philosophy seeks to capture superior risk-adjusted returns through a differentiated portfolio and a focus on solving complex or misunderstood situations.

Global Thematic Opportunities: Warwick also applies its expertise to partner with investors on thematic opportunities outside of its flagships. These include:

  • Warwick Carbon Solutions: Established to focus on projects that support the creation of clean energy, Warwick Carbon Solutions invests in new methods and technologies to replace emission-heavy power and industrial processes currently harmful to the atmosphere. Warwick forms strategic partnerships with industry leaders to build practical solutions in the energy transition.
  • Royalty & Minerals: Warwick’s minerals and royalties strategy focuses on tier 1 acreage royalties to build a balanced portfolio with strong running yield and upside potential